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Monday, September 12, 2011

entrepreneurial idea(1st week)

This blog is a promotion branch of HeART, a fashion design company. HeART main services are creating graphical designs and producing personal design. Graphical design is based on costumers’ personal interest. For example, we do logo, mural design, decorating etc. We also take special request on any designs that is graphical. The other service is helping costumers design their own commodities. For this service, we only provide clothing and accessories first, when HeART appears on the market. However as the market expanding, we will extend our focuses on more departments, such as furniture, sport equipments.  
Since everything is informationized. HeART will primarily run on the cloud computing. You will need to register an account in order to use the free design online with the application that we provide. If you want to make an order of any kinds of graphical design, you could order it on our websites, via e-mail or phone services. We charge an agreement fee before the design is done, and you need to pay the rest of the design fee only if our design pleased you. We accept online banking and wire transfers. We also provide our own software and applications for your mobile devices so that you can design anytime even without internet.
We will use this blog to update and provide you the most popular fashion styles. We will renew our posts every day to bring you fresh ideas of designing. We are also on some social networks such as facebook and twitter, if you friend/ follow us, you will receive new style, fun fact, tips and ever more things about design daily. We will also renew our design style on daily bases and develop useful plug-ins frequently. So search us and join us, give us a chance to help you design your life as the most fashionable and gratified. 
Design your own! and we will help you.


  1. Your blog is great, not only the concept of the idea but also the way you present it. In all of the other blogs I have seen, people have just written the three paragraphs and that's it. However, with yours you provide pictures and videos for each thing you talk about as well as have customized the site really drawing in the audience. I think your idea is great and really interesting, and could also help out a lot of people. I think expanding your company is very possible and should really carry on with this idea. Good work.

  2. This is hands down the best blog I have seen. How did you make this?! It makes you want to stay on your page for hours.

  3. thanks you!! =] that would be great if i can make it real. :p

  4. Thank you!! i think its mainly because that i am interested in the topic,so when i did my some of posts i was kind of doing it for fun 2. :p and i hate reading plain paragraphs, So i thought it would be more interesting if i put in pictures and videos. =]


This is a class project-- it combines information technologies to art and design, but it also related to my personal interest. So i will try my best to make it fun.
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