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Monday, September 19, 2011

privacy policy (2nd)

Stealing ideas probably is the easiest thing to do and the hardest thing to prove. For a design company which receives thousands of ideas and runs on the cloud computing, privacies of customers are the most important things. As all other online companies, we ensure that your personal information will not be violated or reviewed by the third party. Those information conclude banking information, real names, address and etc. (See our agreement for specific details). Also, any designs, which you have done through our online application, software or mobile device applications, are personal; nobody but yourself can see and have access to edit it unless you publish it online. In another hand, on our social media websites such as Facebok group, Twitter, Blogger, anything is public as soon as you post them online. Social media is where we have open discussions and share our ideas; we cannot protect your private information and personal ideas there. However, you can limit the group of people who you wish to view your messages and ideas somehow according to different social network. We suggest you to change your privacy setting on those websites in order to eliminate the possibility of information and ideas used by strangers. So please be aware of and protect your own information while you are using all those social media websites. Thank you very much for cooperating with our system.

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