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Monday, September 26, 2011

Draw with excel! (2nd)

Do you use photoshop? or CorelDraw? No matter what you use to create art, I bet you never used this one before. Excel!!

How to Create Excel Art? 

Step 1: Select the entire spreadsheet, right click and set the Row Height as 10 pixels. Now right clicks any of the column headers and set the column width as 2 pixels.Now you get all those nest little squares each is like a pixel in a picture. 
Step 2: Set the zoom level of the spreadsheet to around 60%.60% would be a comfortable size, but it is up to you how big of a picture you want to work with! 
Step 3: Go to Page Layout -> Background and set the background image as the picture you want to draw with. We'll trace it. Here, I have "IST 195".
 Step 4: Now click any of the cells that lies above the "S" symbol and set the fill color (paint bucket icon) any color that you want it to be.(I used purple, so it is obvious) Copy that cell and paste it all over "S". You may change the fill color to lighter shades around the edges to slightly reduce the staircase like pixel effect.It is all up to you. 
Step 5: Follow the same with other symbols but remember to replace the fill colors accordingly. Once done, delete the background image.

What are you waiting for? Go try out excel for your design!!
And it is great to do 8-bit pixel design! check out mine another post Expand-Our-8-bit-Life!


  1. This is definitely one of the more creative ways i have seen anyone work with excel. Nicely done. I think your idea to run a design company is a good one.

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