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Saturday, October 8, 2011

expand our 8-BIT life! (5th)

Do you still remember the days that we play 8-bits Mario with a Nintendo Entertainment System? Do you remember when old DVD got stuck, and the pictures turns into little squares(I hated that)? Nowadays, you have almost everything in high resolution. And 8-bit seems to become a antique. However, antique could become fashion again! Let's bring this abstract art of many colored squares back to our life again!!

Cartoon Yourself!
Do you see that on the sidebar ads of almost every websites? o well, after a minute you will know how to make yourself into a 8-bit cartoon. I mentioned that how to draw with Excel in my earlier blog post. (Please go check out that post as well!! doesn't seem like a perfect tool when it comes to make high resolution pictures, because you need to color your pictures one pixel by one pixel when it comes to details. However it is perfect for this!!!
This is a example! In case you can't tell, that is me eating Pringles potato chips. It isn't as good, but you can do it better by making the "pixels" smaller! 

Besides graphic design, let's bring 8-bit to life. By basically putting your graphic design on a shirt. Or design more.? 
in Real Life 

 Also, let's check what was on the fashion show!

Again, Excel is an awesome tool to do those design!!

At last, let me teach you how to make a 8-bit costumes. IT'S ALMOST HALLOWEEN! Yay!
Draw the graphic graph of yourself!! Then let's start working. 
You need foam cubes, card board, glue, spray paint, scissors.
First, you make general shape of your body with the card board. 
Second, separate your foam cubes into different color groups according to the different part of costume, and spray the color on!!  
Third, glue colored foam cubes on to the costumes. 

You are good to go trick 'r treat, now. Haha.

one more suggestion, just for ART and FUN 
Here is an inspiration " Re-things Pix-elated 3D Sculptures ", it is really cool, check it out!

[Supported by Google image and Kiel Johnson and Klai Brown's project]


  1. i think this is very cool how the excel can use as a fashion tool. wow this is very cool i loved how you posts several photos so that everyone can see! i think this is very cool :) and also i did not know how the excel could use as drawing tool ! wow very impressive ! and the stocking and the shoes are very cool i want them :p

  2. thanks! you had a cool idea 2.i pilled drinks over my laptop many times! =]


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