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Monday, October 17, 2011

Graphic design with Linux. (6th)

As a less visual OS-- Linux, how well can it do graphic design? The answer you will need to discover yourself. First, let me introduce some free software to you.

K3DSurf( -  KPovModeler is POV Ray maker, which runs on the Linux and that allows users to drag shapes over in three view boxes. Making use of this, users will very easily set placement. Because of its cost effectiveness it is more preferred in web servers than other operating system. 

GIMP ( - an excellent graphics tool, especially with the new version 2.2 which offers previews of filter effects. It supports just about every feature you could want, including layers, filters, scriptability, good handling of large files, and so on. It is pretty similar to Photoshop when it comes to operate.   

Scribus ( - a document layout tool. Great for small projects, but I've heard that it doesn't scale up well. 

Comic Life ( - a comic desktop publishing computer program developed by plasq for Mac OS X and Windows. It also has Linux version, but it doesn't work as well. ( - standard office software. Tends to have slightly different features to MS Office, but it's certainly no less featured.

LaTeX ( - LaTeX is an extremely high quality typesetting tool, mainly used to setting scientific documents (but, of course, can be used for almost anything). It's not a WYSIWYG tool (for that, you need to add Lyx from and not something you can expect to just sit down and use, but the results that you get for a little effort are certainly far better than any WYSIWYG tool I've ever seen.

One big advantage is that Linux OS is more Flexible.The Linux Kernel’s support for modules is one of the most interesting features of the Linux system. The module can be put in or take out from the kernel, while it is in the running process. You can move for the online to get more information about graphic design for Linux systems.  You can also get in formation about troubleshoot if you face any problems in using Linux. However there are  no professional software exists on the platform yet. So Windows and Mac seem are better OS than Linux on graphic design area. 


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