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Monday, October 3, 2011

make your QR code BEAUTIFUL!!(4th)

I have to say that QR code is "attractive" to me. The abstract art which contains in it is very impressive. However, after you look at the black an white, sharp edged QR codes for too long, don't you wish to be a more unique QR code? Don't you want your QR codes stand out from others'? Don't you want a QR code like this?

1. Color you QR code!
It is recognized by the shape of QR code, so matter how crazy your QR code color is, it would work! Color your QR code into your favorite color! Color it into as many color as you want! Or "color" it base on a picture. Set a background picture of whatever you would like it to be, and carve out the shape of your QR code! (either black part or white! Relief or intaglio.)

2. Soften the edges!
The edge doesn't need to be sharp. Soften it. Aesthetically change the expression that normal QR code gives you!

3. What about 3D? 
Did you watch 3D smurf? How much cuter were those smurfs in 3D than when original ones? Make your QR code cuter as well.

or actually 3D?

4. Expand it! 
Make it more than one! What do I mean? i mean double it!! Treble! Or more. 

However when you do that, be aware of the following!Keep one of those QR codes clear by the edge. 

5. It auto corrects errors within 30%!!!
So go ahead do whatever in those 30%. Draw a picture, add a logo, write a quote; it is all up to you! 

6. Blend it in!
Put it into a big picture and get more attention!! 

7. Last tip! Put it into any angle you wish to!!
(this one is my favo so far! Great creativity. Scan it and check out their website, they have more!)

What are you waiting for? Open your Photoshop now!! Design your own, artistic QR code for your Blogger, FB, twitter... ... And of course contact us if you need any kind of help on this. 

(supported by Google image 
and )

 o,wait!! I'm not down yet!! 
scan this and follow me on twitter!!!
(I will follow back, cross my heArt)


  1. Very interesting post -- I enjoyed the pictures as explanations.

    Ultimately, how do utilization of QR codes enhance your idea? Are others with similar business ideas doing the same?

  2. sry for this delayed reply. The blog is just a subsidiary of the company which isn't really about making money, but more of getting people interested in design. It works as a commercial of the design company. As it was introduced in the first post that we offer a serves of creating any kinds of graphic designs for customers. I did saw similar ideas from other websites while i was doing research on this post. There are many websites which charge for custom QR codes. So if i can develop this well, this can be another field under graphic design.


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