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Monday, October 24, 2011

comment on a professional design blog (7th)

I looked over couple of professional design blogs. There are two different kinds of them, one is based on the designer who is also the blogger, which he/she would write all his/her thoughts and passions about the design that he/she understands; another is depended on the focus of different topic of design, for example, logo design love, I love typography, and graphic define magazine. I looked deeply into this blog which names Quipsologies. This blog is broader in topics, just like mine. This blog posts are contributed by different people, so that this blog has all kinds of design, graphic, fashion, furniture. Quipsologies is a great inspiration of any kinds of design, and it also leads you to lots of other great blogs.
The way that this blog participate in design world is spontaneous; there are no limits to the form or type of its information, as long as it is related to art. It also performs in different type of information, but mainly pictures and videos with explanation. My Blog runs in the same way, I would put up any inspirations as long as they are about design.  I like to present all my posts with something more visual then just letters, which I believe will give people better impressions and it is easier for people to remember since design a type of is visual art.
 However, this blog is more advanced than mine because it has details that interests more people and help people understand the blog better. First of all, this blog has a clear content of all blog posts. It has a clear form of its content. The left had part is the number of the blog posts and brief explanation, and the right hand is a picture which represents the post. Which makes it more clearly about each posts, I should probably improve my blog on people’s first impression of my posts. Another interesting thing is that this blog has a little section of quiz next to the main post menu, which would interests more people and helps people understand themselves better in addition to just inspire them. Thirdly, this blog has projects that are related to design and readers can get to know and perhaps participate in them.  The second two details I think I can work out somehow and fit it into my entrepreneurial ideas, which can help both the company and my costumes. For example, the quiz I can make it more personalized so that I can also collects the data of demand in design market. And I can always discover human resources for the company from different projects that I post.
Improvement is a consistent process for a blog, and look into professional blogs helps to improve our own blogs.

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